New Resident’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I contact to have the utilities turned on in my name?

A. Contact the City of Redlands Utilities. You must, however, go to the office to set up your utility services and will need to bring a copy of your rental agreement.

Q. How do I obtain a mailbox key?

A. If the owner of your property does not provide you with a key, you must go to the local Post Office. The fee will be $50.00.

Q. How do I obtain a gate opener and property key?

A. If the owner of your property does not provide you with a gate opener or property key you must call Ideal Property Tel: 714-924-3860 .

Q. I have an emergency plumbing leak, it is the weekend, and I am unable to locate anyone; who do I call?

A. If the owner of your property has not provided you with an emergency contact number; several property owners use Omar’s Plumbing (760) 409-6579.  Note: Plumbing guidelines most property owners go by; if there is a stoppage that was caused by the resident, the cost of the repair will be the resident’s responsibility.  If the cause is in the main line the property owner must pay for the repair.  In addition, if it is determined that it was not an emergency, and could have waited until Monday; the resident will be responsible for the full cost of the repair.

Q. Who do I contact for cable?

A. There are many options – go online for the best price.  Note:  It is mandatory that cable installation is approved by the “Cornell Apartment Home Owner’s Architectural Committee”.  If this form/letter was not provided for you at move-in call Ideal Property Tel: 714-924-3860.

Q. Who do I call to add my name to the front gate directory?

A. Contact Ideal Property Tel: 714-924-3860.  They will enter your name and phone number and provide you with a directory code to be used by your guests.

Q. May I rent a garage?

A. Yes, the cost is $100.00 per month.  Contact Alfredo Sandoval at 714-924-3860.

Q. Who do I call if I see Vandalism and other concerns in the common area?

A. Contact Cornell Apartment Homeowner’s Association Manager – ≈.  If appropriate phone the Redlands Police.

Q. I want to maximize the return of my security deposit when I move-out; what should I do?

A. It is important you give a written 30-day notice to your property owner and leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when you moved in.