Effective: June 01, 2017

Please review the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, as they comprise the governing documents for the Association, and its revisions herein.






It is your responsibility as an Owner, to review these Rules and become familiar with them. Additionally, if you presently lease or rent out your unit, it is also your responsibility to ensure that your tenant(s) is provided with a copy of these RULES AND REGULATIONS as well as the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, so that they are made aware of the rules and abide by them. Owners will be responsible, and held accountable for the violation(s) of any RULES AND REGULATIONS, and costs associated therein, when applicable, by their tenants.

The Board has taken their time and effort in compiling these rules. The Board, along with IDEAL Property Management, will be strictly enforcing all of the Covenants, Condition and Restrictions, as well as the RULES AND REGULATIONS set forth on the continuing pages.

If you have any questions, please forward them to Ideal Property Management. Property Supervisor Alfredo Sandoval can be reached via email at or by phone (714) 924-3860 ext.104.



The following system of fines and penalties shall be effective [June 01, 2017].

All homeowners and residents must comply with all governing documents of the Association.

First Violation – A warning letter will be sent to the homeowner and/or tenant.  When applicable, a 15-day period will be given to remedy the situation.

Second Violation of the same rule – After the initial 15-day period, a $50.00 fine will be imposed.  The violating homeowner may request a hearing before the Board of Directors. The homeowner is liable for his/her tenant’s any wrong doing. The fine will be sent to the homeowner if his/her tenant has violated regulation.

Third Violation of the same rule – A $100.00 fine with letter.

Fourth Violation of the same rule – A $200.00 fine with letter.

Continued Violations – Fines will increase in increments of $500.00.

Any person being fined for a violation has the right to appeal his or her violation before the Board of Directors.  When appealing a violation, the following procedures shall be followed:

The homeowner and/or tenant shall send a Letter to the Board requesting a hearing.  The request letter must be received by the office of the Management Company within thirty (30) days.

Homeowner shall appear for the hearing.  If a tenant is requesting a hearing, he/she must attend the hearing with his/her landlord (homeowner).

The Board will by a majority vote either affirm or repeal the fine.  The Board will issue a decision letter to the homeowner and/or tenant within two weeks after the hearing is concluded.

Any Violation of the Rules and Regulations which involve the safety of owners or residents or is considered “gross” violation of the Rules and Regulations will be handled by the Board of Directors as is deemed necessary, and will not be restricted to the “Actions” outlined above.

Any violation of these Rules and Regulations which involve the destruction of Association property by an owner, their tenants, or their visitors will be handled by the Board of Directors as is deemed necessary, including prosecution under the appropriate criminal and/or civil laws if the State of California, and will be limited to the “Actions” outlined above. 


1. Noise:  Keep the noise level under control.  After 10:00p.m., please lower the volume on the stereos, televisions and radios.

2. Visitors:  Any visitor who violates any of the rules of Cornell Mews Homeowners Association, who conducts in an improper manner or who abuses the standards set by the Homeowners Association can and will be asked to leave the premises.  Absentee owners who have rented their unit(s) are considered visitors.

3. Exterior Changes:  Any owner who wishes to change the exterior of their unit by installing an air conditioner, exterior light, satellite dish, etc. must have Board approval before making the change.

No Electronic transmitting equipment or antennas may be placed on any roof or location in the common area. Satellite dishes must be architectural approval before they are installed.

4. Porches/Balconies:  Porches should be kept clean and neat and free of debris and not used for storage (e.g. brooms, large boxes, cans, poisonous chemicals, newspapers, toys, etc.). Towels, laundry or clothing may not be hung in the common area or on railings.

5. Residents are not allowed to make loud noise in the common areas. This includes but not limited to loud music and loitering.

6. Playing in driveway and/or common areas: The following playing activities are prohibited in either the driveway or common areas.  (1) All ball games including but not limited to baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, or volleyball; (2) skateboarding and roller skating; and (3) Riding of motorized vehicles.

7. Structural alterations to the interior of any unit must have prior written approval of the Board of Directors.  This includes any alterations to garages.

8. No person shall plant, remove, prune, and cut, etc. any plants within the common area without the approval of the Board of Directors. No person shall apply fertilizer, insecticide, etc. on any common area plantings.

9. Windows may not be covered with aluminum foil, newspapers, sheets or blankets. Standard window coverings in good condition only shall be used.

10. Please refrain from smoking and throwing cigarette butts in the common areas.

11. Residents shall not use the common areas to dry laundry.

12. Storage of personal items in either the driveway or common areas is prohibited.

13. Commercial Use: No portion of the properties, including interiors of individual units or garages or carports, shall be used or allowed or authorized in any way, directly or indirectly, to be used for any business, i.e. commercial, manufacturing, mercantile, storing, vending or any other nonresidential purposes.

14. Offensive Activity: No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon the properties, nor shall anything be done which might be or become an annoyance or nuisance to owners within the properties, or which would in any way interfere with the right of quiet enjoyment of residents.


1. The trash containers are emptied once a week (Tuesday).  Please wrap and tie your garbage in a plastic bag to avoid ants. Please break down any carton boxes before putting it into the container to avoid overflowing. If you see the container full, just leave your garbage in your garage until the trash container is put back.

2. Leaving garbage outside of the trash container or placing garbage when container is full is considered a violation of the regulation and tenant will be warned and/or fined.

3. If you need to discard furniture, water heaters, mattresses, etc., please contact the Management Company for the name and number of the disposal service.  The Disposal Company charges a nominal fee to remove these items.



1. Each unit is allowed up to two pets. All animals must be the responsibility of the owner.  If any pet becomes a general nuisance restrictive action will be taken.   

2.  Each owner shall be absolutely liable for unreasonable noise or damage to common area or personal property caused by any animal kept or brought onto the property by that owner, family, guest, invitee, tenant, or resident in his/her unit.

3.   Animals must be kept within the unit, or on a leash being held by a person capable of controlling the animal. Each owner shall be held absolutely responsible for the immediate clean up of the defecation of his/her animal(s).


1. The swimming pool and spa are for the use if residents and their guest only. The swimming pool area is open during the summer months only from 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. all days. Hours are subject to change due to weather.

2. Observe the safety and sanitation rules at all times.

3. Every child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult, at least 18 years of age, responsible of them. This does not mean observing a child from a door way or through a window. The responsible adult must be in the enclosed pool area with the child. 

4. Guest must be accompanied by an adult resident at all times. Maximum of two (2) guests per unit.

5. No children in diapers are allowed in the pool or spa.

6. No glass is allowed in the pool area.

7. Owners and guests are to pick up their own trash, i.e. cans, cigarette butts, personal articles, etc.

8. No additives of any kind, i.e. bubble bath, soaps, etc. shall be added to the pool and/ or spa.

9. Metal objects that may stain, corrode or chip the pool/spa are not permitted.

10. Stereos, etc. may be used at moderate levels.

11. Appropriate swimwear must be worn when in the pool and spa. 


Each tenant or owner shall park two (2) standard automotive vehicles in their two-car garage as designated on the condominium plan. 

There shall be no obstruction of the vehicle access to the garages.  (NO PARKING IN FRONT OF ANY GARAGE OR DRIVEWAY).  Vehicles blocking garages will be subject to a fine or be towed at vehicles’ owner expense.

No owner or tenant shall park, store, or keep on the property or street within the condominium property any large commercial type vehicle, bus, recreational vehicle, trailer, boat, motor home, inoperable vehicle or any similar vehicle or equipment deemed by the Board to be a nuisance or so as to be visible from anywhere within the condominium property.

No vehicle shall be operated at any speed in excess of five (5) miles per hour within the complex.

Unlicensed and/or expired tag motor vehicles shall not be operated, kept, or stored upon the condominium property. The vehicle will be subject to a fine or be towed at vehicles’ owner expense.

The Homeowners Association may cause the removal of any vehicle wrongfully parked on the condominium property, including a vehicle owned by an owner or tenant.

Owners or tenants must advise their guests or invites of all restrictions regarding parking and the operation of vehicles within the property.

The Board, at its own discretion, may cause any vehicle violating any of the stated rules to be towed or fined for any subsequent violations.